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The discussion below provides an overview of the current status of the real estate market in Papua New Guinea, particularly focusing on land prices. Based on our current listings, there are approximately 30 parcels of land available for purchase within Papua New Guinea. The pricing for these properties is varied, with a range from K1,150,000 to a high of K9,000,000. The median price observed in this pool of properties stands at K3,100,000. In addition to price, the orientation of the property can also influence its appeal and value. Our database indicates that the majority of these available lands predominantly face the north-east direction. To provide some context regarding the dynamism of the market, it's noteworthy that the most recent listing of a property was just 1 week and 4 days in the past, reflecting a relatively active real estate scene. Finally, in terms of sale representation, several different agencies are handling the sale of these properties. Among them, DAC Real Estate Head Office and Professionals Real Estate rank as lead agencies offering these properties. Their credibility and experience in the sector may serve as an assurance to potential buyers regarding the handling of their transactions.